Audio Logger

About Audio Logger

This program is designed for archiving of audio content, e.g. live radio broadcasts, to AAC, MP3 or Apple Lossless files. As a source, you can use a microphone or external audio card.

Recorded files are stored chronologically by month and date, with file names consisting of the hour and minute at time of recording. Their duration can be changed in the Preferences ranging from 5 minutes to one hour, or be continuous.

If you want to begin recording automatically after turning on the computer, you need to enable the corresponding option in the Preferences and add Audio Logger to the list of Login Items in System Preferences > Users & groups.

The program's interface is very simple. After setting the needed parameters in the Preferences and checking the sound level, you just need to press the Record button to begin recording. You can safely close the window without stopping the recording.
During the recording, you can see its start time, duration and current file name:
To stop the recording, press the Stop button.
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